Preface by Madam Ng - Biography of Wu Cho-bun

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A Preface From Madam Ng  
This volume of my husband's paintings represents the culmination of my life long wish. These paintings, which were so painstakingly portaged throughout war torn China, the family all guarding them with the utmost reverence, never abandoning them in the face of chaos and privation, will finally be shared with all who wished to see his art.

The years after the war were thin and hungry years. My first duty was to raise my young children to become contributing members of society. Now that my children and grandchildren are grown, and in my old age, I can finally tend to the promise that I had made to my husband on his death bed. I am comforted to be able to make this project a reality. My only regret is not having enough funds to produce an even higher quality of printing, to do justice to the genuine articles.

I offer up this legacy of Wu Cho-bun and it is my hope that those who knew of his works and those who will see his masterpieces for the first time will take pleasure and inspiration from his gift.