Biography of Wu Cho-bun

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1897Born in Shun De Prefecture, Guangdong Province
1910Went abroad to study Western fine arts in Kyoto Municipal Art Institute, Japan.
1914Participated in purge activities of KuoMinTang. Around this time, he dutifully wed Tan Fun-kwei, his first wife, in an arranged marriage, eventually having 4 daughters, 3 of which survived youth; the family stayed close to their native village.
1915Established with Feng Lai-qiu, the Yeuk Yue Painting Research Institute in Si Pai-lou, Goungzhou
1917Established the Yue Sze Art School on Guongta Street in Guongzhou
1922Appointed the Director of PUblicity for the North Expedition Army's Head Political Department, Art Section
1927Involved in the Guongzhou Riots and imprisoned briefly
1928He toured Southeast Asia, following natives hunting to observe wildlife in the their natural habitat. Took numerous photographs for later reference in his works.
1931Worked in Singapore as Art Editor for the Singapore Daily. About this time, met and married his second wife Ng Wai-chun
1933Returned to Guangzhou with second family in tow, then moved with the whole combined family to Shanghai, and established XingXiang Art Society with Zhu Feng-zhu, presented Chinese Modern Paintings Exhibitions with Wang Yi-ting, Zhang Yu-guang, and Zhang Xiao-lou.
1937Ru Gou Qiao incident occurred, so presented Exhibit at the request of Qu Ying-guang and Zhu Qing-lan to raise charity for victims in Szechuan and Suiyuan Provinces.
1938Shanghai fell into Japanese hands. Moved south to Hong Kong and worked as art teacher at Southwest (Sai Nan) Middle School.
1942Japanese occupy Hong Kong. Went in disguise back to rural mainland China with family, but was caught, escorted back to Hong Kong, and all had his paintings confiscated. Later, he slipped through security to Gianmun and later Haipeng, where he contracted a deadly disease.
1943Wu Cho-bun dies at age 46.
1986Ng Wai-chun, widow, immigrating earlier to Canada in late 1970's then the United States in the early 1980's, returns to Hong Kong to compile her deceased husband's works into a color edition book.
1987Ng Wai-chun donates the large mural titled "Righteousness Permits No Turning Back" to the Hong Kong Museum