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Images of Recent Events
Pictures from Recent Events
Scout-O-Rama May 2012
Annual mini-scout Jamboree in San Jose.

Vancouver Summer 2011
Pink salmon runs again this summer in Vancouver, Canada.

Camp High Sierra 2011
First Boy Scouts week-long campout in the mountains.

Vintage Bridgestone Bikes
We're rebuilding our collection of vintage steel Bridgestone Bikes.

Pow Wow 2011
Powers-Liu-Grossmans head out and camp at Dillon Beach.

Uvas Canyon Camping
The whole Liu Family camp out at Uvas Canyon in Morgan Hill.

Memorial Day Flag Planting
The scouts plant flags for veterans at Oak Hill Memorial Park.

Mud Marlin Derby 2011
10th Annual Night Fishing Derby at Berkeley Pier.

Nimitz 4th Grade Musical
Featuring Amanda and Warren in the show!

Bike Camping - Pescadero
Scouts go out for overnight Bicycle Camping in the San Mateo hills.

Scout-O-Rama 2011
Family fun at Scout-O-Rama in San Jose.

Yosemite Valley in Spring
We travel to Yosemite in Spring for spectacular views.

Catalina Fishing 2011
10th Annual UPSAC/Pierfishing.COM Get-Together at Catalina.

Moon and Jupiter Pics
A cheap telescope with a nifty new digital camera mount works wonders.

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Liu-Family Photo Archives
Here's our on-line family photo album. Track what we've been up to and even have a few laughs at some old pictures.

Li-Bang Warren Liu
  Mission Models Warren's 4th Grade Mission Project
  San Juan Bautista A visit to a real Mission
  6th B-day Two small venues
  5th B-day A small private affair
  4th B-day Dual Grandparent venues
  3rd B-day The big 3rd Birthday.
  2nd B-day It's my party; let's eat!
  upto 2 yrs He loves the swing
  9 - 15 mos Learning and growing fast
  1st B-day Warren's 1st Birthday Party
  3 - 9 mos Warren starts potty Training
  Ginger Party Warren's Ginger Party
  upto 3 mos Just back from the hospital
  Homecoming Warren comes home!
  Birth Thank goodness for Epidurals!

Amanda Li-Ping Liu
  6th B-day Party Pics for 2006
  4th B-day No Party - Ballet Class
  3rd B-day Airborne Gym Party
  Arts & Crafts Amanda joins Warren in Painting
  2nd B-day A private affair
  upto 1 year. Many firsts here.
  around 9 mos. A Feisty 9 months.
  upto 6 mos. What a cutey!
  upto 3 mos. A big girl for 3 months.
  Birth At the Hospital

Elaine Li-Yi Liu
  Birth Welcome to the world!
  1st Birthday Elaine turns 1
  14 - 18 months Winter/Spring 2009
  19 - 21 months Summer 2009

Other Family & Friends
  Carol and Denys Wedding
  Dora's Dad's 70th
  Cupertino ePic Film Festival
  Martin Yan Can Cook
  Dora's Parents Go DownUnder
  BJ's Alaska Marine Hwy Pics
  TW visitors in CA 2009 July
  TW visit to Air Musuem 2009 July
  TW Napa Valley 2009 July
  TW SJ Museum 2009 July
  Natalie & Joe 2006 Wedding Pics
  Yee Shiu-On's in SF Cousin YSO visits with new bride
  Dorothy visits SF Big Sis' comes to SF
  Vita's Birthday 2004 Party at the Grossmans
  Vita's Birthday 2004 Party at the Grossmans
  Samuel Ginger Party 2004 Little S.Auyeung's 1st bash
  Joshua Ng Celebrating his 2nd Birthday
  Carina's March Baby Shower Carina expects a second child
  Hayley 1st Birthday Hayley's 1st Big Bash
  Hayley Brienne Wong Welcome Birth Pics
  Carina & Jerry The 2003 Wedding Banquet
  Y.Yee Collection #2 Gu Ma and Gu Jyang Photos
  Stephen Lim turns 8 Birth Party Pics
  Josh Ng Turns 5 Cousin's Birthday Aug 2006
  Greta's Birthday Party Vancouver B-day 2006

Exclusive Content
tasty potstickers
James's Potsticker Recipe

Secrets revealed on James's handmade potstickers. Get the illustrated guide to making world-class dumplings!

The Paintings of Wu Cho-bun

An online gallery of paintings from James's maternal grandfather who lived in the early half of 20th century.
wall mural

Tokyo Off Time
Tokyo Off Time

Stories about silly experiences from 2 years spent living in Japan. 
Photo Archives
 Anniversary, Ba/Ma 40th
 Australia 1999
 Auyeung Wedding 2000
 Bean Hollow 2003 Aug
 Boardwalk - Santa Cruz 2005
 Bonfante Gardens 2003
 Christmas 2005
 Christmas 2004
 Christmas 2003
 Christmas 2002
 Disneyland 2000
 Donner & Reno 1999
 Dorothy Visit March 2005
 Easter 2006
 Easter 2000
 Eric Wang Photos
 Fishing Stevens Crk 2006
 Fishing Catalina 2010
 Fishing Catalina 2009
 Fishing Catalina 2008
 Fishing Catalina 2007
 Fishing Catalina 2005
 Fishing Seacliff 2004
 Fishing Monterey 2003
 Fishing Monterey 2002
 Fishing Goleta GPGT 2004
 Fishing Misc 2009 Sep
 Fishing Misc 2006
 Fishing Misc 2004
 Fishing Misc 2002
 Fishing Misc 2001
 Fishing Misc 2000
 Fishing Vancouver 2009
 Felton w/Family 2001
 Furry Creek Directions
 Furry Creek Salmon 2006
 Furry Creek Salmon 2009
 Great America 2002
 Halloween 2006 w/Kids
 Halloween 2005 w/Kids
 Halloween 2004 w/Kids
 Halloween 2003 w/Kids
 Halloween 2002 w/Kids
 Halloween 2001 w/Kids
 Halloween 2000 w/Kids
 Hawaii June 1999
 Heidelberg 2002
 Hong Kong - October 2005
 Hong Kong 2005 YSO Wedding
 Hong Kong 1999 V&A Wedding
 Jerry & Carol Bday 2004
 Jujube Harvest 2006
 Legoland February 2005
 Lunar New Year 2006
 Mega Birthdays February 2005
 Mega Birthdays August 2003
 Mega Birthdays October 2002
 Monterey Bay Aqu'm 2004
 Nimitz Elementary PTA
 Sacramento Summer 2000
 Scout-O-Rama 2010
 T-Ball 2009
 Thanksgiving 2006
 Thanksgiving 2005
 Thanksgiving 2004
 Thanksgiving 2002
 Thanksgiving 1999
 Tilden Park 2000
 Tokyo/Hong Kong 2004
 Uncle 10 Fishing 2005
 Uncle 10 visits 1999
 Uncle Yee's Birthday 2002
 Vancouver 2010 Summer
 Vancouver 2010 May
 Vancouver 2009 Summer
 Van2009 Shannon Falls
 Vancouver 2004 Winter
 Vancouver 2003 August
 Vancouver 2003 July
 Vancouver 2002
 Vancouver 2002 Dec
 Vancouver 2001
 Vancouver 2000
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